Road to Echo Arena VRML Season 2 Championship

Road to Echo Arena VRML Season 2 Championship
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Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena is widely considered the original VR esport and on September 19-20 the world’s top teams will compete for cash and prizes in the Echo Arena VR Master League Season 2 Championship.

Echo Arena is a 4v4 team-based game set in a virtual zero-gravity arena where players use quick reflexes, physical movements, and teamwork to score goals against their opponent. The ground-breaking game has components of traditional sports, yet makes use of the immersive environment in ways that would never be possible in physical reality.

Although this is the culmination of season 2 for the VR Master League, Echo Arena has been featured in numerous competitive events since it was released in July 2017, including three seasons as part of the Oculus-sponsored, ESL-run VR League (called VR Challenger League in season 1).

The game continues to evolve and the community is thriving. Thanks largely to the Quest port and a Rookie Cup that introduced hordes of new players to the thrill of playing the game competitively, Echo Arena VR Master League (VRML) jumped from 237 players in season 1 to 1496 players in season 2.

“What I like most about the Echo Arena VRML community is that the veteran players are incredibly welcoming,” stated TheNightFiree, VRML Casting Coordinator, in a recent interview.

“There are so many different boot camps and training days run by veteran players that it is incredibly easy to get started if you’re a new player interested in getting involved in the esport,” he continued. “A lot of those veteran players also have stepped up and volunteered hundreds of hours in moderation and casting and it has made the league as popular as it is today.”

With so many rookies, league organizers wanted to ensure that all teams had an opportunity to be rewarded for hard work as their skill increased so the first Echo Arena VR Master League Rookie Championship was held on September 5. Rookie team champions were Ding! (NA) and Gyro (EU).

The effort to make the Questies, an affectionate term used to describe the thousands of Quest players who have joined since May, feel welcome has rejuvenated veteran players as well. Many players have competed in the game for three years now and truly are veterans of the game. The game’s meta has continued to change and competition for top spots has grown increasingly fierce.

Top Teams Secure Spots

Teams could advance to the the Echo Arena VR Master League Season 2 Championships by finishing in the top six based on overall rankings or qualifying for a spot through the Challenger Cup that took place on September 12 and 13.

Throughout the regular season, teams continued to show an impressive degree of skill and teamwork. They truly make a believer of anyone who wonders whether VR esports can be a spectator sport and the VRML production team brings an entirely professional atmosphere to the competition every week.

Below you’ll find the top six teams from each region that have advanced to this weekend’s championship based on seasonal rankings.

Top Six European Teams

Top Six North American Teams

Challenger Cup

Teams who didn’t qualify based on seasonal rankings still had an opportunity to secure a spot in this weekend’s season championship if they could secure one of two spots available in each region during a last chance qualifying event.

An impressive number of teams participated in the Challenger Cup with 17 teams in the EU competition and 63 teams in the North American competition. After two full days of exciting competition and coverage from the VR Master League casting and production crew, the following teams claimed the last two positions for semi-finals.

Challenger Cup European Winners

  • Quackheadsadvance to EU finals in 7th place position
  • Scuffedadvance to EU finals in 8th place position

Challenger Cup North American Winners

  • Zeroadvance to NA finals in 7th place position
  • Redshiftadvance to NA finals in 8th place position


The league's top eight teams from North America, top eight from Europe, and top six from Oceania/Asia region will play in a region-specific double-elimination tournament over the course of two days. You can find brackets for each region with the following links.

When and Where Watch

Echo Arena VR Master League Season 2 Finals will take place this weekend and you can choose your favorite platform for viewing! Whether you watch on a traditional 2D screen or decide to sit alongside your friends in Oculus Venues, be sure to tune in for what is certain to be a spectacular event!

Pre-show Start Times

  • OCE: 0400 EDT | 0800 UTC | 1800 AEST
  • EU: 0900 PDT | 1200 EDT | 1600 UTC
  • NA: 1500 PDT | 1800 EDT | 2200 UTC

Viewing Links

Join the Community

Echo VR has an incredibly welcoming community so if you’re interested in learning more about the game, join the Discord or Facebook group.

If you’d like to jump right into competitive Echo, you can create a team, join an existing team, or sign up for a substitute on the Echo Arena VR Master League website.

The Echo community boasts a diverse array of players, from 13-year-old world champions and college students to doctors, housewives, and aeronautical engineers. Even Mark Zuckerberg enjoys playing this fantastic game.

Come watch the VR Master League Season 2 Championship, join us for some casual fun, and say hello on Discord or our Facebook group. We look forward to welcoming you to the VR esports community!

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