Half-Life: Alyx is here... and it's awesome

Half-Life: Alyx is here... and it's awesome

After an extensive wait, the next chapter in the Half-Life series has finally dropped. Set 5 years before the events of Half-Life 2, Alyx puts players into the Half-Life universe in one of the most detailed virtual reality environments we've seen yet.

Proper_D showed us some of the awesome things you can do in-game for those who've been missing out - and don't worry, no spoilers of the story below.

 He's even playing on an Oculus Quest via Oculus Link, where you simply connect the headset to your gaming PC via a USB-C cable and installing the Oculus software so that it can be recognized by SteamVR. NathieVR has an excellent video on how to get that set up!

Be sure to follow ProperD on social media and check out his incredible mixed reality content!

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