Community Highlight Oculus Quest Giveaway

Community Highlight Oculus Quest Giveaway

Every week, dozens of competitive matches are played in Onward, Echo Arena, and now Pistol Whip. Even more games are happening in public servers, being arranged by the VR community, and more.

We want to show the world how awesome the VR community is by putting YOUR highlights out there for the world to see!

Announcing the VRLeagueGG Community Highlight Oculus Quest Giveaway

Submit some of your best highlights in Onward, Echo Arena or Pistol Whip for a chance to win an Oculus Quest! One headset is up for grabs for submissions in each game, and each week we'll publish a highlight reel of some of the best plays in each game. 

Your name/alias and any channels will of course be fully credited in the video - we want to put the spotlight on all of the awesome gameplay that the community is doing to spread the word and get more people interested in VR!

We want to see your clutch round saves, amazing grenades or insane shots in Onward; half-court 3-pointers, fantastic passing sequences or ridiculous saves in Echo Arena; or your flashiest and most impressive moves in Pistol Whip.

Wholesome and funny clips are always more than welcome too! Don't be afraid to show off your creativity both in and out of game - mixed reality submissions are highly encouraged.

Oculus Quest winners will be drawn at the end of the month. Submissions must be up to 1GB in size, highest possible quality is preferred. Participants are able to submit up to three highlights to increase their chances of winning. 

Head on over to the entry form at to submit your clips and view the full terms and conditions of the giveaway. Be sure to follow VRLeagueGG on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, and join the VR League Community Discord to see if your clip made it into any of the reels!

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