Pistol Whip cups coming to ESL Play March 1st

Pistol Whip cups coming to ESL Play March 1st
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Pistol Whip has been one of the hottest titles in VR since its launch in November, and we're excited to announce that we'll be running cups on ESL Play on Sundays beginning March 1st through to March 22nd. One Oculus Rift S is up for grabs each week in both North America and Europe!

How do the cups work?

Each week will consist of 3 different tracks and mods, so be sure to read on and start practicing! Cups will be live at set times in North America and Europe, where players will play 3 rounds (one round per track). Each round will be 30 minutes, where players must record or stream and then submit the VOD of their best run completed in that time frame. After the 30 minutes have elapsed, tournament administration will spend 15 minutes reviewing the VODs for legitimacy, and then the next round will begin. 

Submitting your scores

As Pistol Whip does not include a spectator mode, recording and submitting VODs is the only way to ensure competitive integrity. Players will be free to upload their VODs to any of these platforms: YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook or Streamable - so long as it is viewable by our admins, and includes a timestamp and the ESL Play match ID at the start of the VOD. Players are highly encouraged to stream their runs live, but not required in the event that player does not have the technical capacity or the upload bandwidth to do so. 

Oculus Quest players will be able to use the built-in recording function to record and submit their runs by opening the match page up via the web browser in the headset to display the match ID, and then move into the game and attempt a run. 

For more information on the rules, consult the official rulebook on ESL Play.

Tracklist & Mods

All cups will be played on the Hard difficulty, highest score across all 3 runs will win the cup - let's get into the tracks and mods for each week!

Week one - March 1st: No mods

  • Round 1: The Grave
  • Round 2: Download the Future
  • Round 3: The Fall

Week two - March 8th: Dual Wield

  • Round 1: High Priestess
  • Round 2: Lilith
  • Round 3: Black Magic

Week three - March 15th: Deadeye

  • Round 1: R U Afraid
  • Round 2: Trap Requiem
  • Round 3: Replicants

Week four - March 22nd: Deadeye + Hardcore 

  • Round 1: Death
  • Round 2: TBA
  • Round 3: Akuma

Each week the challenge ramps up, but don't wait to start practicing those moves!  Sign up on ESL Play in your region, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out via the VRLeagueGG Discord!

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