We've signed the AnyKey GLHF Pledge!

We've signed the AnyKey GLHF Pledge!
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AnyKey invites anyone to help create a gaming ecoystem that is fully inclusive - no matter their beliefs, gender, size, color, or disabilities. These are qualities the VR community is proud to say they fully embody and represent, and the VR League has strived to create an environment where anyone is welcome.

In 2020, AnyKey is on a mission to reach one million signatures and VRLeagueGG is here to support. The AnyKey GLHF pledge is simple enough - by signing, you promise to:

  • Be a good sport whether I win or lose
  • Know that people online are real people and my words have real impact
  • Set a positive example with my behavior
  • Speak up against discrimination, hate speech, harassment, and abuse
  • Show integrity by honoring the rules, my opponents, and my teammates
  • Stop, listen, and reassess if I’m told that my words or actions are harmful
  • Respect others, even if their sincere opinions are different from my own

With the friendships, camaraderie, and welcoming nature of the VR community, each of these are qualities we can truthfully say are exemplified on a daily basis, making this a perfect fit for the AnyKey GLHF pledge.

Sign the AnyKey pledge with the VRLeagueGG referral code here. Every signature counts as a point for the VRLeagueGG community on the GLHF leaderboard - let's represent!

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