VR League Season 3 Last Chance Qualifiers

VR League Season 3 Last Chance Qualifiers
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VR League Season 3 has entered the closed stage of competition following the Last Chance Qualifiers that served as the final opportunity for teams to advance to the Online Closed Qualifiers.

For several weeks, teams have competed for the opportunity to secure a position at the closed qualifiers. Four teams from each region will compete in Echo Arena, Echo Combat, and Onward. Space Junkies had a slightly different format and eight teams in each region will compete in a playoff cup.

All teams that advance from the Online Closed Qualifiers and the Space Junkies Playoffs will be invited to compete in the VR League Season 3 finals at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, UK to on June 8-9.


Only two teams competed in the European Last Chance Qualifier and despite a worthy challenge from Casual Echoes, the Spastic Crabs managed to defeat them on Fission, Dyson, and then Combustion, taking the win in a best of five format.

The final push from Casual Echo comes up short as Spastic Crabs holds the line and secures a slot in the @EchoGames closed qualifiers! #VRLeague

 https://t.co/SNWhOtW2pO pic.twitter.com/M4pKNaqHQI

— VR League (@VRChallenger) May 5, 2019

Five teams competed in the North American Last Chance Qualifier so there was a regular upper and lower bracket with double elimination in a best-of-three format. Team Bombyx was bumped into the lower bracket after a defeat by Ignite. They actually made it back into the upper bracket after they defeated Tunnel Vision, but they once again faced Ignite. Although it was close, Ignite ultimately took the win, giving them the last spot for the NA Online Closed Qualifiers.

Ignite is the final team headed to the NA Closed Qualifier for Echo Combat! #VRLeague @EchoGames @OculusGaming

 https://t.co/SNWhOtW2pO pic.twitter.com/t6xm1wzqqe

— VR League (@VRChallenger) May 5, 2019

Echo Combat Teams Advancing to Online Closed Qualifiers:

  • Spastic Crabs (EU)
  • Ignite (NA)

You can see all the teams that advanced during each qualifying stage by checking out the Echo Combat game page.

Find the full brackets on ESL Play.


In the European Onward Last Chance Qualifier, Vikings defeated Silent Purge 3-1 in a best-of-five format. The rules called for double elimination, but this wasn’t possible since there was no lower bracket as only two teams competed. V Fimi Fungi did an amazing job in this last round, taking care of business and securing a spot for the Vikings in the EU Online Closed Qualifiers.

Fimi Fungi explodes and takes out the rest of Silent Purge to secure the qualifier slot for Vikings! #VRLeague

 https://t.co/SNWhOtW2pO pic.twitter.com/YYnKBsabeO

— VR League (@VRChallenger) May 5, 2019

In North America, there were seven teams competing. During the upper final round, Rome defeated Danglers 3-2, bumping them down to the lower bracket, but then Danglers earned their way back to the upper bracket finals. 

Danglers is an excellent team with more experience. Although Rome is a relatively new team, they had their sights set on that final spot in the closed qualifiers.

Danglers managed to defeat Rome 3-2 in the next set, essentially putting the teams on even ground. In the double elimination tournament, the next set would determine which team was going to Online Closed Qualifiers.

In the best of five format, both teams fought hard and took 2 maps each. It was down to the final seconds in the final map before the winner was determined in an exciting finale.   

Onward Teams Advancing to Online Closed Qualifiers:

  • Vikings (EU)
  • Rome (NA)

You can see all the teams that advanced during each qualifying stage by checking out the Onward game page.

Full brackets for this week's Onward VRL competitions are available on the ESL Play website.


Seven European teams participated in the Echo Arena Last Chance Qualifier. WastedPotential, Bulls esports, and СОЮЗ lost their first rounds and went into the lower bracket immediately. Mariachis and Polaris quickly followed, but Polaris actually managed to win their next two rounds in the lower bracket.

Team Laggity (formerly Combat Scum) defeated Smash Dash 2-1 in the upper final, sending them to the lower bracket where Smash Dash defeated Polaris. When they came back to the upper bracket, Smash Dash was able to defeat Team Laggity 2-1 in the first set . Since it was a double elimination tournament, the teams played again. This time Team Laggity took the win and claimed the last spot in the EU closed qualifiers.

There were 11 teams in the North American Last Chance Qualifiers. Although they each lost at least one game along the way in the best-of-three matches, Squid and Team Jokr advanced quickly through the upper bracket. When they faced each other in the upper final, Team Jokr took the win 2-1.

Squid defeated Synapse 2-1, although it’s worth noting that Synapse has done incredibly well this season and during the LCQ. They’re definitely a team to keep an eye on.

When they made it back to the upper bracket, Squid was defeated 2-0 by Team Jokr, the youngest team playing in any of the VR League games this season. You can see why Team Jokr  is doing so well when you watch their passing in this clip from one of their matches with Squid.

Echo Arena Teams Advancing to Online Closed Qualifiers:

  • Team Laggity (EU)
  • Team Jokr (NA)

See all the teams that have advanced to the Online Closed Qualifiers by checking out the Echo Arena game page.

Find all results from this week’s Echo Arena matches on ESL Play.


Most of the teams that have a spot in playoffs for Ubisoft’s Space Junkies had been decided during the group phase that ended last week. Since there was an odd number of groups in North America, however, there was a last chance qualifier cup for that region. Seven teams participated in this event and the top two, Cash Grab and Existence, will move on to take their places in the Online Closed Qualifiers.

See all the teams that have advanced to the playoffs by checking out the Space Junkies game page.

Visit ESL Play to see the full bracket.


  • May 18:  Echo Combat / Space Junkies NA Playoffs
  • May 19:  Onward / Echo Arena NA Playoffs
  • May 25:  Echo Combat / Space Junkies EU Playoffs
  • May 26:  Onward / Echo Arena EU Playoffs
  • June 8-9:  VR League Season 3 Finals at Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, UK


Tune in to VR League social media channels over the next few weeks for continued coverage of season 3.

Also check out Twitter and Instagram for updates, highlights, and more. The VR League is powered by Oculus and ESL.

Sonya Haskins is better known among the gaming community by the username "hasko7." She lives with her husband and five children in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Northeast Tennessee. 

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