VR League Season 3 Week 6 Recap

VR League Season 3 Week 6 Recap
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VR League Season 3 saw the conclusion of stage 2 on Sunday and two more teams per region secured their positions for the Online Closed Qualifiers in Echo Arena, Echo Combat, and Onward. The final remaining spot per region for each of those games will be determined May 4-5 during the Last Chance Qualifiers.

Teams began the final week of group phase competition in Space Junkies, Ubisoft’s newest title featuring low-gravity first-person shooter action.

Competition in VR League Season 3 began on March 23 with Ready At Dawn’s Echo Combat, a new game this season, and continued the next day with Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena and Downpour Interactive’s Onward, both featured last season. Space Junkies joined the action after it released on March 26 and teams entered a group phase on April 14.   


The top eight EU Space Junkies teams and six NA teams have secured spots at playoffs. There will be a North American Last Chance Qualifier on May 5 to determine which teams will claim the last two spots in NA.

The Leftovers dominated Sunday’s first streamed matches for Europe. They slaughtered Team Flux, the second place team in group A, taking the first map – Organic Belt – with a perfect 15-0 win. They reached the maximum score of 15 again on the second map – Absolute Zero – with a score of 15-3.

Two weeks ago The Reapers were invited to join Team Gravity after a spectacular performance in week 1 of the Space Junkies group phase. They’ve continued to play well and almost perfectly matched the scores in the earlier matches between The Leftovers and Team Flux when Team Gravity took the first match against SPACE VRATH with a perfect 15-0 score and then they claimed a win on the second map 15-2.

Space Junkies Teams Advancing to Playoffs

European region

North American region 

Since NA only had three groups during this phase, the last two spots will be filled through a qualifier cup on Sunday, May 5. Any North American Space Junkies teams that would like to participate can register and compete for the opportunity to earn a spot in the playoffs on May 18. European playoffs will be May 25.

Once the final group phase matches are complete and the last two teams are secured for North America from the LCQ, the seeding for the Space Junkies playoffs will be determined. You can keep up with how teams are doing on the ESL Play website.


Competition really heated up in Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena this week as teams tried to secure one of the two spots available per region for stage 2 to qualify or the Online Closed Qualifiers.

Team Gravity rallied the final week of stage 2 and reclaimed the top weekly position they had lost to EggBoyz during cup 5. Although EggBoyz performed well, Team Gravity took control of the matches and won 11-4 and then 20-15 in one of the highest scoring matches this season.

Meanwhile, with some amazing teamwork and guarding of their own goal, Ouroboros actually managed to take one match from both Team Gravity and EggBoyz so it will be interesting to see how these three teams in particular stack up during the Online Closed Qualifiers.

Nothing is getting into this goal.  #VRLeague
 https://t.co/SNWhOtW2pO pic.twitter.com/Mc6kWC7EEo

— VR League (@VRChallenger) April 28, 2019

In the North American region, Eclipse made a comeback this week. Eclipse has claimed two grand championship titles so they’re well-established as the top Echo Arena team in the world, but they’ve struggled this season as other teams have improved their teamwork and strategy.

Some of the best North American gameplay in Sunday’s cups was between Eclipse and Kangorillaz, the team that has claimed the most weekly cup wins this season. After Eclipse took the first match in a best-of-3, Kangorillaz came back in the next round to tie the game with 20 seconds left. When Sealablebag barely missed the buzzer with a beautiful 3-point shot, the game went into overtime.

It's overtime in the Kangorillaz vs. Eclipse series and Eclipse NEEDS this win. All they need to do is win this joust to secure their space in the Playoffs... #VRLeague
 https://t.co/SNWhOtW2pO pic.twitter.com/3mhpDbEJf4

— VR League (@VRChallenger) April 28, 2019

Unfortunately Eclipse ended up losing the third round to Kangorillaz, but they still earned enough points to advance to the Online Closed Qualifiers in May. Eleven Point Five finished in sixth place this week, but they’ve done well enough thus far in stage 2 to secure a spot as well.

On May 5, any unqualified Echo Arena teams will have the opportunity to compete in a Last Chance Qualifier for each region. One team per region will advance.

Echo Arena Teams Advancing to Online Closed Qualifiers from Stage 2

  • European region – EggBoyz and Ouroboros
  • North American region – Eleven Point Five and Eclipse

Check out all the results from this week's cup with the links below.


Beginners, the VR League Season 2 grand champions, took the number one spot for the third and final week of stage 2 in the European Onward weekly cups. BossFight was right behind them, losing only to the championship team.

In North America, SMC Tactical really stepped up their game, defeating top teams including Globochem, currently the team with the most VR Master League championship wins and the team that already secured a spot for the Online Closed Qualifiers during stage 1. Unfortunately, Sunday’s win didn’t provide SMC Tactical with enough points to advance to the closed qualifiers, but they will have another opportunity to secure a spot during the Last Chance Qualifier.

Onward Teams Advancing to Online Closed Qualifiers from Stage 2

  • European region – Beginners and Article Thirteen
  • North American region – G-Men and Mob Squad

You can see all results for this week's Onward VRL competitions on the ESL Play website.


Team Gravity not only reclaimed the top spot this week in Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena, but they also took back the top ranking for RAD’s Echo Combat game as well. Blerst! and Floaters Unite both lost one game each, but they’ve performed well enough in stage 2 to claim the two spots for their region to advance to the EU Online Closed Qualifier.

VRespawn once again came in with the top ranking this week and although they technically had a 4-0 win/loss record, Alpha Derezz was able to defeat the top NA team on the second map – Dyson - in a best-of-3, sending the competition into the third map, Combustion. Ultimately VRespawn won in the last round of Combustion, taking the win overall and securing the first place position for the last week of stage 2. The second place ranking for Alpha Derezz, however, allowed them to secure enough points to advance to the NA Online Closed Qualifiers.

Echo Combat Teams Advancing to Online Closed Qualifiers from Stage 2

  • European region – Blerst! and Floaters Unite
  • North American region – Kangorillaz and Alpha Derezz

Find out where all the other teams placed on ESL Play.


VR League Season 3 features Onward, Echo Arena, Echo Combat, and Space Junkies. Learn more about season 3 format, schedule, and prizes on https://vr.eslgaming.com/.

Sign up now for Last Chance Qualifiers for at https://play.eslgaming.com/global/vrleague.

Upcoming Events

  • May 4:  Echo Combat Last Chance Qualifiers
  • May 5:  Echo Arena / Onward Last Chance Qualifiers
  • May 5:  Space Junkies NA Last Chance Qualifiers
  • May 18:  Echo Combat / Space Junkies NA Playoffs
  • May 19:  Onward / Echo Arena NA Playoffs
  • May 25:  Echo Combat / Space Junkies EU Playoffs
  • May 26:  Onward / Echo Arena EU Playoffs
  • June 8-9:  VR League Season 3 Finals at Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, UK


Tune in to VR League social media channels next Sunday for continued coverage of VR League Season 3.

Also check out Twitter and Instagram for updates, highlights, and more. The VR League is powered by ESL and Oculus.

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