VR League Season 3 Road to Finals

VR League Season 3 Road to Finals
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VR League Season 3 continues to progress as teams try to earn some cash and qualify for an invitation to the grand finals event that will take place on June 8-9, 2019 at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, UK.

A more flexible structure for Season 3 includes a stage system for Onward, Echo Arena, and Echo Combat. The system is designed to encourage participation so new teams can start playing those games at any point through the Last Chance Qualifier. 

Sponsored by Oculus and ESL, the VR League Season 3 has $250,000 USD in prizes up for grabs and includes the three games listed above plus Ubisoft's Space Junkies.

Points System

Teams accumulate points based on how they perform in weekly cups. Points are dispersed as follows:

  • Place 1 – 100 points
  • Place 2 – 70 points
  • Place 3 – 45 points
  • Place 4 – 35 points
  • Place 5 – 25 points
  • Place 6 – 15 points
  • Place 7 – 10 points
  • Place 8 – 8 points
  • Places 9-16 – 5 points
  • Places 17-32 – 1 point

Point accumulation reset for Stage 2, giving all teams an equal opportunity to qualify for advancement to the Online Closed Qualifiers. Even recently formed teams that perform well can earn cash prizes and points.

Stage 1

Competition for Stage 1 began on March 24 and concluded on April 7. One team from each region for Onward, Echo Arena, and Echo Combat qualified for a spot at the Online Closed Qualifiers that will take place in May. (Space Junkies was released March 26 so there were practice tournaments on March 31 and April 7.) 

Stage 2

Teams once again began to accumulate points and during this stage, two teams from each region for Echo Arena, Onward, and Echo Combat will qualify for a spot in the Online Closed Qualifiers.

Teams that qualified during Stage 1 can still compete for weekly prize money, but if they end up with the most points during Stage 2, the next two highest ranked teams will advance to the Online Closed Qualifiers.

Last Chance Qualifiers 

For teams that didn't qualify for the Online Closed Qualifiers during Stages 1 or 2 based on points, there will be one last chance to earn a spot.

All teams that haven’t yet qualified can participate in a Last Chance Qualifier. Echo Arena and Onward's LCQ will take place on May 5. The LCQ for Echo Combat will be on May 4.

One team for each region from each game will advance to the Online Closed Qualifiers (Playoffs). 

Space Junkies Tournament Format2
Echo Games Tournament Format2
Onward Tournament Format2


For Echo Arena, Echo Combat, and Onward, the four top teams in each game from each region will compete in a double elimination tournament that will take place over the two weekends of May 18-19 and May 25-26.

  • May 18:  Echo Arena NA
  • May 19:  Onward / Echo Combat NA 
  • May 25:  Echo Arena EU 
  • May 26:  Onward / Echo Combat EU  


Space Junkies teams are participating in a league system during Season 3. Registration ended April 12 and competition in the group phase began April 14. 

During the group phase, the top eight teams per region will advance to a Playoff Cup for their region. 

  • May 18:  Playoff Cup NA
  • May 25:  Playoff Cup EU


Following playoffs, top two Echo Arena, Echo Combat, and Space Junkies teams from each region will advance from the Online Closed Qualifiers to the offline grand finals event in Leicester, UK.

For Onward, the top two North American teams and one European team from the Online Closed Qualifiers will be invited to participate in grand finals. In partnership with the VR League, the VR Master League will also determine one additional team for the grand finals LAN event.

The seasonal prize package includes travel and accommodations for finalists from all the games to participate in this event.

Sonya Haskins is better known among the gaming community by the username "hasko7." Sonya lives with her husband and five children in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in Northeast Tennessee.  

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Sonya Haskins

Sonya Haskins, also known as "Hasko7," is a respected voice and leading journalist in the field of VR esports. She has experience in VR tournaments as a player, attendee, and organizer. Sonya was the first seated player and the first female player to qualify for VR League in Season 1. She founded VR Community Builders LLC, has written 8 books and lives with her family in Northeast Tennessee.