VR League Season 3, Week 2 Recap

VR League Season 3, Week 2 Recap
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VR League competition continued with the second weekly cups in Echo Arena, Onward, and Echo Combat. Space Junkies also joined the VRL with the first of two weeks of warm-up cups.


Coverage of week 2 games on VR League social media began with Onward, the popular VR first-person shooter from Downpour Interactive. Teams competed in a Swiss format, best-of-five on one map. Game mode was Uplink. 

In the first round of the day, BossFight faced Silent Purge on the Suburbia map. Hoochy, who has been playing with BossFight since season 5 in the VR Master League, had two team kills on scoorpio1986, but then Hoochy redeemed himself by taking out KingofTheNorth before he could put in the uplink code, denying Silent Purge a 2-point round.

During round 3, BossFight faced Beginners, the Onward grand champions in VR League Season 2. Although Beginners was favored to win, BossFight took the round 3-1. At the end of the day BossFight claimed first place in the weekly cup and Beginners had to settle for second, still earning a nice bit of the week's prize money.

Onward coverage continued later with the North American region teams Animal House versus Danglers, playing on the Bazaar map. This was an exciting match that ended with some great, aggressive teamwork on behalf of Danglers.

The North American region had 15 teams sign up, so there were five rounds this week. During the second round, SMC Tactical faced Mob Squad on Bazaar. In the following clip, a 5 v 5 quickly turns into a 2 v 2.

Soon after, it was taken to a 1 v 1, but SMC Tactical's Mr. Beefy gave away his position and rsemper was able to take him out, earning Mob Squad a 3-1 victory.

Globochem, the team with a well-established pattern of being the number one North American team in the VR Master League, had finished fourth in last Sunday's first weekly cup for VR League despite the fact that they had the same win percentage as three other teams. This week they were determined to leave no doubt about the best team in NA and took first place. The only team that came close to defeating them was Danglers, but ultimately Globochem took the win 3-2.

You can see all results for this week's Onward VRL competitions on the ESL Play website.


Competitors faced off in Ready At Dawn's Echo Arena in the best-of-three five-minute rounds. EU's Synergy came out strong on Sunday with a 2-1 win against top-ranked Team Gravity. Ultimately that win secured the top position for Synergy in this week's EU cup.

That would be Team Gravity's only loss of the day, however, as the team came back strong and ended the day in second place overall. In the following clip, you can see how they remain top in their region as Viatrex steals the disc from Smash Dash and makes a sweet goal well outside the three-point range.

.@JKaplan can't even get through the legend of @Affenterror24 before @TeamGravityVR slams their second 3-pointer in the first 30 seconds into the goal!

— VR League (@VRChallenger) March 31, 2019

In North America, one of the best match-ups of the day was between Synapse and Eleven Point Five, the team that barely missed qualifying for the VRL Season 2 Grand Finals. Eleven Point Five took the round against Synapse and their only loss of the day came at the ends of Kangorillaz, who ultimately took first place this week in NA.

Check out all the results from this week's cup with the links below.


Both the EU and NA regions picked up a 9th team this week so there were five rounds with best-of-three maps in each round for Ready At Dawn's Echo Combat. Matches are played on Saturday so if anyone is interested in joining the competition next week, please take note that you should register your team and sign up before Saturday check-in time. Just choose the correct region and sign up for Echo Combat on ESL Play.

Team Gravity (EU) and VRespawn (NA) each held on to the top position in their regions this week. Find out where all the other teams placed on ESL Play.


Launched by Ubisoft last week, Space Junkies is the newest game to be featured in the VR League. There will be two weeks of warm-up cups (March 31 and April 7) and then official competition will begin on April 14 with teams competing in the league for prizes and cash.

The low-gravity first-person shooter has already attracted quite a few players, including several urban wizards from Insomniac Games' The Unspoken. There were numerous other players with recognizable names from the Echo games, Onward, Beat Saber, and other VR games. It appears that everyone wants to get involved with Space Junkies from the ground up!

Although there were no cash prizes or points awarded for this cup, teams still put forth best efforts for practice and bragging rights. In the end, The Reapers (EU) and Danglers (NA) took first place. View all results on ESL Play.


VR League Season 3 features Onward, Echo Arena, Echo Combat, and Space Junkies. Learn more about season 3 format, schedule, and prizes on https://vr.eslgaming.com/.

Choose a game and sign up at https://play.eslgaming.com/global/vrleague. You can join the competition at any point during the season.


Tune in to VR League social media channels next Sunday for continued coverage of weekly cups.

Also check out Twitter and Instagram for updates, highlights, and more. The VR League is powered by ESL and Oculus.

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