VR League Season 3, Week 1 Recap

VR League Season 3, Week 1 Recap
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Online competitions took place this weekend in Echo Combat, Onward, and Echo Arena as weekly cups officially began for VR League Season 3. There were quite a few new teams this season and some surprising upsets.

Echo Combat

Ready At Dawn’s Echo Combat was added to the line-up this season and teams kicked off competition on Saturday in a Swiss format, best of 3 cup using Dyson and Combustion, two of the three Combat maps available in the game.

Gameplay continued on Sunday with live coverage by Jason Kaplan and Jack Peters, starting with the European league's Spastic Crabs and Toxic Units. Spastic Crabs lost the first round, but during the second round they were able to recapture the point when Toxic Units was almost at 100%.  Unfortunately Toxic Units made a last push and stole it back when Spastic Units was at 98%. With only seconds left, Toxic Units claimed the round and the best of 3.

At the end of the day, Team Gravity was 3-0 and held the number one position in the EU league. Other top teams were Blerst!, Floaters Unite, and Toxic Units, who all ended the day with a 2-1 match record.

In the North American league, VRespawn also finished with a perfect match record. Kangorillaz, Ignite, and Alpha Derezz were other top teams in the North American league with 2-1 match records for the weekend.

Unfortunately, the Eclipse combat team, Cognitive Deficiency, was unable to play on Sunday so they were forced to forfeit. Since a match was already scheduled, team Ignite played against VRespawn in a show match.


Globochem has established itself as the number one Onward team in North America through the VR Master League, a community-driven platform established in 2017 to support competitive VR games. In an upset on day one of VR League competition, Phoenix managed to take out Onward’s top players to claim a respectable victory. Check out the coverage with James Banks and John "Blu" Mullen.

Phoenix have done it! They take Suburbia over the top-ranked NA team, @GlobochemOnward with a 3-1 scoreline! #VRLeague
— VR League (@VRChallenger) March 24, 2019

Mob Squad earned top rank and a 4-0 record while Phoenix placed second after a loss to Mob Squad. Other top North American teams were G-Men, Globochem, and Valor, who all ended the day 3-1. Full rankings can be viewed on the ESL Play website.

In the European League, VRL coverage began with Boss Fight making quick work of Loyal Dogs, a new team from the Canary Islands, but the Spanish team was able to come back and end the day 2-2. Beginners and Vikings placed second and third with 3-1 records. See full results here.

Onward is a VR first-person shooter from Downpour Interactive.

Echo Arena

In another upset for the weekend, Kangorillaz dominated the Echo Arena scene and took down even the mighty Eclipse, the world’s top ranked team and grand champions for the past two seasons. In the end, Eclipse, Eleven Point Five and Ne Plus Ultra finished 4-1.

Team Gravity, the top European team, came away with a perfect record for week one. Other EU teams that placed in the top five were Team Lethargy, Smash Dash, Ouroboros, and Mariachis, each finishing 3-1.

How to Participate

VR League Season 3 features Onward, Echo Arena, Echo Combat, and Space Junkies. Learn more about season 3 format, schedule, and prizes on https://vr.eslgaming.com/.

Choose a game and sign up at https://play.eslgaming.com/global/vrleague. You can join the competition at any point during the season.

Where to Watch

Tune in to VR League social media channels next Sunday for continued coverage of weekly cups.

Also check out Twitter and Instagram for updates, highlights, and more. The VR League is powered by ESL and Oculus.

(Echo Combat elimination games are held on Saturday. If you’d like to watch those, tune in to https://www.twitch.tv/echocommunity at 14:00 EDT.)

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