VR esports continued to grow during VR League season 2

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VR League season 2 grand finals are rapidly approaching and there will be some fierce competition for championship titles at Oculus Connect 5. Later this week we’ll share more information about grand finals in San Jose, but first let’s take an overall look at the VR League and season two.


The world’s largest VR esports league was launched in 2017 by Oculus, ESL, and Intel. Originally called the VR Challenger League, season one featured just two games:  Echo Arena and The Unspoken. Players competed in weekly tournaments for cash prizes and qualified finalists were invited to participate in the season one finals at IEM Katowice in March 2018.

Season 2 was announced on May 17 and the league returned with a more flexible tournament system, a new name, and a new game – Sprint Vector, which was available for tournament competition via ESL Play alongside other league games. The VR League also stated their support of the VR Master League and plans to feature Onward, a tactical military simulation game developed specifically for virtual reality by Downpour Interactive.

There were four fantastic VR games featured during season 2 and competitors around the globe practiced diligently to become the most skilled players and teams in the league.

The Unspoken

Insomniac Games’ The Unspoken returned for season 2 and kicked off the first weekly competitions on May 19. The original scheduled called for a month of urban wizard duels, but weekly cups continued through the end of June. On August 18, the top eight players from each region (4 from top weekly points and 4 from the Last Chance Qualifier) participated in the World Qualifier tournament.

The top four spell-casters (2 from each region) secured an invitation to the World Finals, where each of them will walk away with some portion of the $11,250 prize pool, but only the most adept duelist will earn the championship title. Matches will begin with the following bracket.



The VR Master League collaborated with ESL Gaming and Oculus to provide the Summer Championship – a series of tournaments held over the past few months that enabled four Onward teams to qualify for OC5. VRML recently began its sixth season and already had a well-established player and fan base prior to being featured at VR League events this year.

Following a dominating performance at the Onward Invitational Event in June, Globochem secured the first invite for VR League finals at OC5. BossFight and Beginners earned their spots during the Onward semifinals in August. At the Onward World Finals Invitational Qualifier in September, SMC Tactical became the fourth team to secure an invitation.

In the VR League Season 2 Recap show, casters John Mullen and Jason Kaplan reviewed all the action that took place during the Onward Summer Championship as teams fought for a spot at OC5 and the opportunity to compete for a portion of the $60,000 prize pool. Check out a review of Onward action here:


Echo Arena

Over 70 teams competed in Echo Arena throughout VR League season 2. A new tournament format with ladder matches, weekly cups that were divided into stages, 3 stage finals and various qualifying events brought a lot of excitement to the league this season!

After weeks of competition, on August 19 eight teams from each region participated in the World Finals Qualifier to secure a spot at OC5. Of course the teams didn’t disappoint us! You only have to watch a few of the incredibly close matches in a game like Ready at Dawn’s Echo Arena to realize that VR esports will continue to thrive.

Unfortunately, only four Echo Arena teams can compete at world finals, where the top two teams from each region will battle it out on stage. Teams will start with the following bracket and compete for a portion of the $38,000 in prize money as well as the Echo Arena world championship title for VR League season 2.


Sprint Vector

Initially slated for one month of tournament competition, this fast-paced parkour racing game was a new title for season 2. Weekly cups began on June 8 and were extended for four additional weeks in July.

Sprint Vector requires racers to run, jump, drift, climb and even fly through some seriously dangerous maps with obstacles and potential death around every corner or drop-off. It’s one of the most physically demanding games that requires constant movement and careful vigilance.

The path to OC5 was slightly different for Sprint Vector. Rather than taking weekly cup rankings into account, anyone could enter the World Finals Qualifier tournaments on August 17. Also, rather than two regional tournaments, there were three:  Europe (Oculus Home), North America (Oculus Home) and North America (Steam).

Eight racers secured spots to compete at world finals on September 27. They’ll come away with a portion of the $11,750 prize pool and one fast Vectorhead will claim the first ever Sprint Vector world championship title.


Where and when to watch?

The conclusion to the second season of the VR League will be streamed live from Oculus Connect 5 on the VR League's Facebook, Twitch and YouTube channels. You can also follow the VR League on Twitter and Facebook for updates, giveaways, highlights and more.

Upcoming Broadcasts at Oculus Connect 5 – coverage will begin at 11:30 AM PST / 19:30 CEST

  • September 26: Onward and The Unspoken
  • September 27: Echo Arena and Sprint Vector


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