Onward Invitational Qualifier Secures Final Team for OC5

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SMC Tactical has become the final Onward team to secure a spot at the grand final that will be held at Oculus Connect 5 in San Jose, CA on September 26.

The four Onward teams ranked 4 through 7 in the overall worldwide standings of VR Master League had been invited to participate in a double-elimination bracket Invitational in Leicester, UK. The teams played three maps in a typical league “best of 3” format. After two days of intense competition, SMC Tactical claimed the $7,000 cash award for first prize and a free trip to compete at OC5 to compete for the Onward championship 2018 title.

Day 1

The American-based team began the tournament with the seventh place ranking and they faced some tough competitors. On the first day, however, they were able to defeat Lemon Squad!, who had the top seed for the invitational.

G-Men, who had been ranked sixth in overall standings, giving them a third seed for the invitational, was also able to defeat their higher seeded opponent, Danglers.

Losers Bracket - Lemon Squad vs Danglers

Once in the lower bracket, a team would either win their way back up to finals or they would be bumped out of the tournament altogether. Before the games started, the VR League had a chance to catch up with players on the two teams that had lost in the upper round 1:  Lemon Squad! and Danglers.

For each bracket, each team was allowed to ban one map. Here’s how these two teams did in the maps they chose for the loser bracket.

Map 1  – Quarantine

Lemon Squad took the first map  4-2, giving them a 1-0 lead in the “best of 3” series.

Map 2  – Bazaar

Danglers won the second map 4 – 1, forcing the series to another map.

Map 3  – Downfall

Danglers won 4–1, knocking Lemon Squad out of loser bracket and dashing their hopes of competing in finals at Oculus Connect 5.

Upper Bracket - G-Men vs SMC Tactical

Map 1  – Bazaar

G-Men took the first map 4-0.

Map 2  – Cargo

SMC Tactical took second map 4-1.

Map 3  – Subway

Pwncake! was trying to put in the code, but 404 wasn’t going to let that happen. Unfortunately, when 404 went in for the kill, Jordan promptly shot him and eliminated swooty, denying 404 any chance of revival and winning the game for SMC Tactical 4-1.

This win secured an upper bracket position for SMC Tactical and bumped G-Men into the loser bracket finals. It didn’t mean the fight was over for SMC Tactical. They still had to compete in the finals on day two, but G-Men would have to fight their way back up there if they were going to challenge them again.

Day 2

Losers Bracket - G-Men vs Danglers

The day would begin with Danglers (winners of losers round 1) facing G-Men (losers of the upper bracket semifinals). These teams were well matched so it really could’ve gone either way.

Map 1  – Quarantine

G-Men traditionally have been strong on this map and Danglers lost this to Lemon Squad yesterday so G-Men were the expected winners, but Danglers still took the map 4-1, giving them the first win in the series.

Map 2  – Bazaar

G-Men’s 404 killed Danglers’ Exped1ter, then The Man killed Mexicution3r and 404 took out ryboman007, winning the match and bringing the series to a tie. These back-to-back kills won the match 4-2 and brought the series to a tie.

Map 3  – Suburbia

Danglers took the map when stumpynub managed to enter the uplink code. They won the map 4-2, claiming their second win in the series. This pushed G-Men out of the loser’s bracket and bumped  Danglers back into the finals, where they would face SMC Tactical.

Danglers secure the uplink and win Suburbia 4-2!https://t.co/SNWhOtW2pOhttps://t.co/uKpC9W8ddChttps://t.co/GZuF1c1J4S pic.twitter.com/yAoSoHS7n4

— VR League (@VRChallenger) September 2, 2018

Finals -  SMC Tactical  vs Danglers

Map 1  – Suburbia

Danglers tied the first map with a win in the second round. SMC Tactical came back to win their offensive round so they only needed one more point to end the first map and take the lead in the series. They did just that when LandonJordan eliminated the opponents and took Suburbia for SMC Tactical with a score of 4-2.

Map 2  – Downfall

Danglers came out strong in Downfall when llewellur entered the uplink code, earning his team the first two points on the second map of the series.

Danglers had a 3-1 lead on map 2, but Captain Sota managed to enter the uplink code and bring the map to a 3-3 tie. This was a major break for SMC Tactical as they were now one point away from winning the entire tournament.

In the next round, they did just that.

Danglers and SMC Tactical were tied and in the next round Mr. Beefy killed ryboman007, eliminating the final enemy on Danglers. SMC Tactical took the map and earned themselves the fourth and final spot at OC5.

Check out this interview at the end of the game with SMC Tactical's Mr. Beefy about their win and the amazing community of Onward and the VR Master League before being handed their winning cheque by none other than Downpour Interactive founder and creator of Onward, Dante Buckley.

SMC Tactical joins @GlobochemOnward, BossFight and Beginners at OC5. MrBeefy takes us through the team's feelings and @OnwardtheGame creator Dante Buckley hands them their $7,000 prize! https://t.co/SNWhOtW2pOhttps://t.co/uKpC9W8ddChttps://t.co/GZuF1c1J4S pic.twitter.com/5zXmxMJN47

— VR League (@VRChallenger) September 2, 2018

Grand Finals at Oculus Connect 5

SMC Tactical will join Globochem, BossFight and Beginners at the grand finals, where all the VR League grand finalists will compete on stage for a chunk of the $120,000 total prize pool. 

Onward and The Unspoken coverage and live stream will begin at 11:30 AM PST / 19:30 CEST on the first day of Oculus Connect 5. Echo Arena and Sprint Vector coverage will begin at the same time on day two. Viewers can tune into the VR League’s Facebook, YouTube and Twitch channels to watch the world’s highest level of VR esports competition.


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